“Nouveau in full voice is mesmerising and her phrasing between singing and narrating is flawless. Kabaret Dietrich is rich in satire and sophisticated sexuality. The sixty-minute cabaret finished too soon and opening night patrons found themselves crying out for more. Nikki Nouveau is the epitome of class and reinvention”

– Theatre People


“Nouveau demonstrated the very best of cabaret with style and grace… She commanded both French and English perfectly to share her well-crafted story about her French idol….Look for her to return to New York soon!”

– Cabaret Scenes Magazine, NYC


“Nouveau’s vocal ability is extraordinary; simultaneously delicate and passionate. Delivering in French and English, she had the audience captivated from start to finish”

– Crystal Corocher, Arts Journalist


“At times sexy, soulful, flirtatious or just simply hot, Nikki sang and reminisced the story of France’s Little Sparrow … an exceedingly enjoyable night out”

– Theatre Now


“An authentic musical experience which drips with talent and skill”

– Alt Media


“Sexy, fun, a little decadent and nicely polished. Nouveau takes us on a tour of classic songs of love and heartbreak from greats such as Brel and Piaf, and sings them with aplomb and sufficient melodrama. Her numbers are solid and entertaining, and the interludes of bombastic shadow-play costume changes were right on the money”

– Arts Hub


“Nouveau’s performance was masterful, pulling off complicated choreography (in heels!) and challenging songs with ease and flair”

 – On Dit Newspaper


“Glamour and intensity”

– Rit It Up Magazine